UR Street Style

Matthew Jose Flores

November 2, 2015


Matthew Jose Flores wears a grey suit jacket, blue polo shirt, maroon colored pants, and dress shoes.

Flores recognizes that many college students dress casually, most of the time in sweats and t-shirts, which he says is fine for some days when going to class.

“I feel like I can make myself stand out more as someone like this, instead of in a tank top and shorts.”

Flores’ outifit and style was inspired by Prince Royce, who is a Bachata singer. Bachata is a type of dance music originating from the Dominican Republic.

“I draw a lot of my style from him, even when I don’t dress up. Just when I’m around the house, I’ll just put on some jean shorts or something.”

As a Pre-Med student, Flores is always trying to make connections and get recommendations, so his style motto is:

 “Dress to impress.”

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