Who Are We?

Meet Maggie

In 2015, a few months into Urbanite's infancy, I ran through a massive thunderstorm and pouring rain in order to catch the 4 a.m. city bus for a video interview with a local designer. I was in college at the time, and Urbanite was my passion. I'd spend late nights in the lab editing videos and losing track of time, often walking home to my dorm at 1 a.m.. But I didn't care how late it was because I was doing something that I truly believed in. As a journalism student, some people looked at me skeptically when I told them I wanted to cover fashion, but I was a woman on a mission.

Most college students would've rolled over in bed and headed back to sleep if they were in my scenario that morning. But not me. When I got to the bus stop at the center of Old Main, I was out of breath, soaking wet, and laughing my head off. I was simultaneously crazy and ridiculously happy. There in that moment, I knew I'd certainly have a story to tell that would shape my final year of college and the years to come.

As a one woman show, running Urbanite Runway hasn't always been easy. Some days I can only hear that heart beat of passion just above a murmur, while other days, my excitement beats out of my chest. Either way, no matter how the site or I evolve over the years, I know this little side hustle of mine has given me some of the greatest gifts. Passion, skill, and a sense of personal and professional identity have shown me how Urbanite Runway has shaped the woman I am today.

Our Mission

Urbanite Runway's mission is to bring readers content that goes beyond traditional fashion media articles. Highlighting the people, stories, histories and social topics of the modern fashion industry with a localized community viewpoint allows Urbanite Runway to have a unique angle on today's pressing fashion issues.

All photo © property and credits to the amazing Sydney Cisco.