The Urbanite Manifesto

Urbanite Runway is a fashion news website.

What We Do: Urbanite Runway covers the fashion industry as a global business with diverse complexities and a network of creators/scholars.

Our Purpose: To serve as a voice for the fashion community through video interviews, news articles, editorial pieces, and street style photography. We abide by the journalistic principles of truth, integrity, and objectivity to create content that goes beyond fashion’s traditional perceptions.

The Urbanite Man and Woman: Our reader, and ultimate muse. Urbanites care deeply about their daily sartorial choices and how those choices project to the world who they are. They know that fashion is more than just articles of clothing; it is an industry, a voice, and a global community. Urbanites are an integral part of and witness to the industry’s creators, changes, issues, and solutions. Urbanite Men and Women live in cities all over the globe, but no matter the distance, their personal runway connects them to the world.

Welcome to the runway, Urbanites.